Lozells School Funding Cuts

Dear Andy Street‬ Your Tory friends in Government are making £1m plus cuts to the 5 Schools in the Lozells neighbourhood. As the West Midlands representative of the Conservative Party, how will you stand up for children in Lozells? Or will you endorse these vicious Conservative cuts by doing nothing?

2022 should be a Living Wage Commonwealth Games

The Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022 need to a living wage games with no zero hour contracts supporting the local economy and creating jobs for our young people. Please read the blog: http://www.thechamberlainfiles.com/2022-should-be-the-living-wage-commonwealth-games/

Birmingham Hate Crime Survey

Working in partnership with Tell Mama, I would like to hear your views on hate crime and discrimination in your work place, Birmingham and the UK in general. Please complete the questionnaire: https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/... This questionnaire will feature questions specifically about your personal experience, your views on what is being done to address hate crime and your thoughts on how efforts to tackle hate crime can be improved. According to West Midlands Police, reported hate crime in the West Midlands has increased by 28% in the past three years. I am particularly concerned about hate crime in the workplace and how employers are supporting their employees as victims of hate crime. It is imperative we work together to eradicate the disease of hate crime in all its form from workplaces and society as a whole. We greatly value your contribution. The findings of this survey will be used to inform future campaigns to address hate crime/discrimination and to support victims. For further information, please visit: http://www.waseemzaffar.com/campaigns

European Local Democracy Week 2017

Spent the morning at a local school during European Local Democracy Week #ELDW2017

Birmingham Heritage Week 2017

Thank you to the Birmingham Museum Trust, Birmingham City Council, community organisations across Birmingham, sponsors, volunteers & participants for all their efforts in pulling together a brilliant Birmingham Heritage Week 2017!

Heathfield Primary School

At my primary school, Heathfield for their summer fayre where we are also celebrating excellent SATs results.