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Birmingham City Council accepts findings of ‘Brummie’ report

Birmingham City Council urged to rethink community funding

What makes us Brummies? Birmingham City Council on a mission to find out

Waseem Zaffar: Share views on city’s rich, diverse mix

Tristram Hunt: How Second City rivalry can be exploited for our benefit

Inquiry into ‘Brummies’ opens next week with star turn from Carl Chin

Manufacturing at heart of Brummie identity inquiry hears

Post Comment: Inquiry highlights our city’s strengths

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Neil Elkes: Who are the Brummies?


Will cuts undermine the progress in riot-hit Birmingham?

Society daily: 13.09.10 Extent of teen drinking, why the best Chief executive officers are just like toddlers; and why social justice – not good intentions – will power big society


All women shortlists in inner city wards: no dispensation from representation


SPECIAL REPORT – In Britain’s cities, the pain begins

Birmingham tries to defuse racial tensions after deaths


SPECIAL REPORT – In Britain’s cities, the pain begins


Five Years on ‘ riot (2005 – 2010)


Birmingham City University unveils £125 million city centre campus plans

Handsworth Riot 25 Years On From A Night Of Hell

Cabbies In Call For Better Security After Driver Stabbing In Birmingham

Yellow Cabs For Birmingham Plan On Hold

Hundreds of Birmingham Taxi Drivers Left Outside As Council Meeting Descends Into Farce


Birmingham hi-tech ‘bullet beater’ Shotspotter fails to detect four city shootings

Knife and gun crime falls by 50 percent in Birmingham

Birmingham riots: How to make sure it doesn’t happen again

Shotspotter gun sensor technology halted in Birmingham after failed trial

REPORT: Black and Asian police five times more likely to face corruption probes

Birmingham’s most vulnerable will be £181 per month worse off under benefit changes, inquiry told

Home Secretary urged to ban planned EDL march in Birmingham

Fewer Cops Higher Risks

Our Community Is Stronger Today But It’s Still A Tinderbox

Birmingham Taxi Drivers Refuse To Work Nights After Colleague Murdered

Taxi Drivers Pledge To Work With Police After Murder 

A Top Level Investigation Has Today Been Launched Into The Chaos Which Saw Police Called As Up To 2,000 Cabbies Were Locked Out Of A Meeting On The Future Of Their Trade

Cabbies In Call For Better Security After Driver Stabbing In Birmingham

Birmingham City Centre Riots Police & Politicians Meet To Discuss Events

Birmingham Cabbies See Red Over Taxi Colour Plans

Anger By Minicab Drivers As Council Meeting Is Called Off


SPECIAL REPORT – In Britain’s cities, the pain begins


Cops & Cabbies Move In Right Direction

Ban Call For Anti-Muslim March

No Go Slow After Cops Say Sorry

Council Ignored Warnings

Cabbies Seek Safety Talks With Cops

Public Meeting To Discuss Birmingham United

Council Sorry After Cabbie Cock Up


New Magistrates Join Court Bench


SPECIAL REPORT – In Britain’s cities, the pain begins


Concerns over increased security during PIA flights

Birmingham attempts to defuse racial tensions

People from all religions hold vigil for Malala in UK

Malala breaks down religious barriers in UK

All faiths join 200 in Malala night vigil

Waseem Zafar Raising The Malala Yousafzai Issue In Birmingham City Council

The Proud History Of Towns Like Manchester And Leeds Offers Labour A Model For Practical Socialism

Public Meeting To Discuss Gun Crime Kids In Centre Plea

Furious Birmingham Taxi Drivers Demand An Apology

Police urged to ban far right rally in Birmingham

Call for ban on anti-Muslim demonstration in Birmingham

The British were furious. A group of criminal and greedy people leave their cities in ruins. They feel ignored.


As the Conservatives intensify their campaign to highlight what they describe as ‘broken Britain’, Phil Mackie travels to Birmingham to examine the reality on the ground.