Birmingham #MoreInCommon

In recent weeks, I have been meeting with faith and civic leaders from across our amazing city. I’m proud to call Birmingham, a young diverse city, my home and it is with immense pride that I serve the city as an elected councillor.

Last week, I hosted a faith network meeting where I was able to share my thoughts about the challenges and opportunities that exist in the city with faith leaders from across Birmingham.

This evening, I was invited by the Birmingham & West Midlands Jewry Council to meet and learn about some of the challenges that exist in Birmingham for a Jewish community that has played an integral role in making Birmingham the fascinating city it is today.

Whilst we acknowledged Birmingham’s proud record of welcoming people from all over the world, I committed to look into some of the challenges that exist. We want to make sure every citizen, irrespective of faith, gender, sexuality, ethnic origin, etc feel valued, safe and have a stake in society.

I am determined to work with all sections in society to eradicate hate crime including anti-Semitism, which as previously stated, has no place in society.

Last week, I was able to visit a real gem in our city – King David School – a Jewish school with 60% Muslim pupils. The ethos of this school and many others across our city supports young people learning, respecting and celebrating with other cultures and faiths growing up to be tolerant residents of our amazing city.

I have committed to working with Muslim and Jewish activists in the City to celebrate and learn about each other cultures and to ensure that Birmingham is a city where we not only tolerate and respect each other traditions, beliefs and cultures, but we where celebrate together.

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